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Elizabeth Mullen

Elizabeth Mullen

  • SPN Mentor

My research focuses on justice and morality.

My work on justice investigates how and when people form a judgment that something is fair or unfair, and the roles that people’s emotions and moral convictions play in shaping their perceptions of fairness and reactions to transgressions. My work also investigates how people work out the complexities of distributing both the benefits and burdens of cooperative living. For example, I have investigated whether people's cultural and political orientations influence what they consider to be a fair allocation of resources. Recently, I have begun investigating third-party responses to injustice. For example, I have investigated how characteristics of situations and perceivers influence observers' preferences for punishment and compensation following a transgression.

My work on morality has focused on how individuals regulate and evaluate their own and others’ moral behavior. For example, I have investigated how people's feelings about their own morality influence whether they will engage in ethical or unethical behavior. In related work, I have examined the relationship between sacrifice and moral character judgments.

Primary Interests:

  • Applied Social Psychology
  • Attitudes and Beliefs
  • Causal Attribution
  • Emotion, Mood, Affect
  • Ethics and Morality
  • Helping, Prosocial Behavior
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Political Psychology

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Journal Articles:

Other Publications:

Courses Taught:

  • Justice and Behavioral Ethics
  • Negotiations
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Social Psychology

Elizabeth Mullen
San Jose State University
School of Management
One Washington Square
San José, California 95192
United States of America

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